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Tony Blair: ‘Labour can win at any point that it wants to get back to winning ways’

Tony Blair accused jeremy corbyn today of not wanting to win power – as he complained that Labour has been obsessed with ‘trashing’ his record.

It’s just a place that has variety and you can get anything you’re looking for there. And on top of that, the promo doesn’t take away at any point from me wanting to win the match and wanting to.

As I mentioned yesterday, he’ll announce the big headline of what he wants. number of Labour MPs, who would prefer any.

It stands for equality, not because it wants people to be the same but because. " We are back as the people's party, says Blair", The Times, 2 October 1996.. Sovereignty rests with me as an English MP and that's the way it will stay.. I can stand here today, leader of the Labour Party, Prime Minister, and say to the British.

Tony Blair: ‘Labour can win at any point that it wants to get back to winning ways’ Contents Party electorate. delete Nursing home carer arrested allegedly raping patient australian facility. phillip big public-school prank Corbyn and McDonnell are in a far weaker position.

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Brexit has injected tension back into the relationship between Britain and Ireland, Tony Blair has. “The whole point of Brexit, according to the Prime Minister, is to divert from EU standards on.

Labour could win an election "at any point it wants to", Tony Blair has said, as he mounted a passionate defence of his record in government and urged his party to return to the centre ground.

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A motion which would have ousted Tom Watson from his role as deputy leader of the Labour Party has been withdrawn after criticism from Tony Blair and unions. Momentum’s founder Jon Lansman had.