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The Sad Tale of Borrow and Spend verses Save and Invest

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Poor Simon Lipkin has to spend most of the evening hobbling around, when he is shot first in one foot and then in the other. Daniel Boys is hobbled even more severely with the part of a bank debt.

It’s a sad tale of the setbacks endured by an elderly couple. but it does mean that to maintain their standard of living the elderly have to either earn a paycheck longer or save more-a lot more..

It is a tale of two cities. I have left behind a London. The President tells Americans that they need to move from an economy of "borrow and spend" to one of "save and invest". That is exactly what.

Such borrowing increases the government’s ability to spend (hiring employees and buying things) without diminishing business’ ability to invest. Traditional conservatives argued that there was a "crowding out" effect, assuming that there is a fixed pool of savings that borrowers compete to borrow.

Most previous ethical systems presented people with a pretty tough deal. They were promised paradise, but only if they cultivated compassion and tolerance, overcame craving and anger, and restrained their selfish interests. This was too tough for most. The history of ethics is a sad tale of wonderful ideals that nobody can live up to.

Fast Focus No. 20-2014 fast focus is an occasional, electronic-only supplement to Focus on recent poverty research. The Institute for Research on Poverty1 and the Center for Financial Security at the University of Wisconsin-Madison hosted a workshop on "Financial Decision-Making, Poverty, and Inequality" on May 21 and 22, 2014.

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