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Serena & Venus Williams’ Father Can’t Speak, Is His Ex-Wife Trying To Take Him For Everything He’s Got?

(He now says he feels like he took them too early, and six is a better age.)[4] Soon he got them into Shreveport tennis tournaments. In July 2016, Williams suffered a stroke prior to his daughters Venus and Serena winning Wimbledon. His wife stated that his condition is fair.[15].

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Richard Williams, father of tennis champions Serena and Venus Williams, has revealed that he’s suffered a series of strokes which have left him barely able to speak. He’s in such a terrible medical condition that he has given power of attorney to his son who acts as his interpreter.

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According to her father, Richard Williams, though Serena was born in the 80’s, “.she was taught like a child who was being brought up in the ’40s and the ’50s, and that’s why today if you see Venus and Serena, and we’re at a tennis tournament, and you boo us, it doesn’t hurt us, because we were taught for things like that many.

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Venus and Serena Williams are big sisters to a new baby brother. Their father richard williams has become a dad again at the age of 70. And if you got something sweet, send me a note! No one in the family has spoken publicly about the little boy, and messages left for Richard were not returned.