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Home price gains bring sellers off the sidelines

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Deep Dive How long can the off-price retail party go on? The discount sector is still hot, but a good economy, the pressure to sell online and the decline of department stores bring new challenges.

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Home Price Gains Bring Sellers Off The sidelines soaring prices are leaving fewer homeowners owing more money than their properties are worth, bringing them off the sidelines of the nation’s.

SAN DIEGO – Robert and Emerald Oravec were itching to sell their condominium late last year to move closer to a favorite surfing spot, but they were stuck. They owed the bank $194,000 and figured.

Buyers Stay on the Sidelines as Housing Affordability Rises. "Suddenly, mortgage banking looks very attractive to them. You get the gains from selling the loan, and holding a loan with a 4.5 percent rate on your books-even if it’s just for a few weeks-looks pretty good compared to Fed.

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Private housing resale market shines as buyers get off sidelines. By the last quarter of 2015, overall private property prices had fallen 8.4 per cent from the recent peak in the third quarter of 2013, showed URA data. This is still shy of the more than 60 per cent increase in prices after the global financial crisis,

July’s housing market report paints a rosier picture of home prices for sellers. Home Prices rose while supply is heading downward. That could predict higher home prices. builders sentiment is improving which could add new home supply for 2020. See the stats, charts and expert opinions about the US housing market.

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Home price gains pull sellers off the sidelines The willing home seller – a relatively elusive breed in metro Atlanta’s fickle housing market – may be reappearing. The willing home seller – a.