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decelerate whorls: haphazardness acquire

"You are a danger to every sentient being in the universe," she tells him, her voice neither as calm nor even as it had been ten minutes before. Her face, however, remains as if marble; the dark ringlets that frame it like whorls of onyx. If the Higher Planes had wind, it would not dare to touch her.

Full text of "Transactions Of The Kankas Academy Of Science Vol-49" See other formats.

Second, during the active phase, the wings rise buoyantly, fed by turbulent flows near the midplane. Although the backflows near the jet heads are initially laminar and supersonic (relative to the lobe material), they quickly decelerate and do not enter the wings as.

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haphazardly dispersed. 4.3. cavities produced beween subsequent whorls of trochospiral chamber.. cant slowing-down of chamber construction during the life time. dency to get away from their substrate when they are adapted to.

As the sales of air conditioning units decelerate at the end from the summer, you can often see sales and discounts springing up. This can be a good way to avoid was.

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decelerate slow down Seeing the emergency blinkers in the road ahead, he decelerated quickly. deciduous falling off, as of leaves The oak is a deciduous tree. decimate kill, usually one out of ten We do more to decimate our population in automobile accidents than we do in war. decipher decode I could not decipher the doctor’s handwriting. declivity